Recording, Mixing & Mastering


Mixing Desk

ADT 5MT 28 channel inline console


Neumann / Wagner U47w tube
2x Lucas CS-1 tube
2x Neumann CMV563 tube
Neumann M7 original capsule for CMV563
Neumann M7 Thiersch reskinned capsule for CMV563
Blue B6 capsule for CMV563
2x Red R8 capsule for CMV563
Microtech Gefell M990 tube
Microtech Gefell UM92.1S tube
3x Pawel Acoustics TM-1 multipattern tube
2x CAD VX2 tube
Beesneez Mahalia tube
Beesneez Jade tube
Josephson C700S
Josephson C715
Josephson C716
2x Sanken CU-44X
2x Sanken CU-41
Thuresson CM 402
Soundfield MkV
2x Soyuz 017 FET
Samar Audio TF10
Wunder Audio CM7 FET
Sony C-38B
Pearl CC22
Milab VIP50
Berndalen / Thuresson 47M
Berndalen / Thuresson BT67
Microtech Gefell UM705
3x Microtech Gefell PM860
2x CAD E-350
2x CAD M179
CAD E-100 original
HUM Audio RS-2 Ribbon Recording System
2x HUM Audio ARM-1S ribbon
2x Sandhill 6019A ribbon
2x Samar Audio AL95 ribbon
Samar Audio VL37 ribbon
Samar Audio VL373A stereo ribbon
AEA R44 ribbon
AEA R84 ribbon
AEA Nuvo N22 ribbon
2x no name Russian ribbon
4x Microtech Gefell MV201 Grosser mod
2x AEG Moscow MV201 tube
2x Josephson C617
4x Microtech Gefell MK202 capsule for MV201 / C617
4x Microtech Gefell MK221 capsule for MV201 / C617
2x Microtech Gefell MK102 capsule for MV201 / C617
2x AEG Moscow U67 capsules for MV201 / C617
2x Neumann M582 Grosser mod tube
2x Microtech Gefell MV692 Grosser mod
2x Microtech Gefell M94 capsule for M582 / MV692
2x Microtech Gefell M58 capsule for M582 / MV692
2x Microtech Gefell M93 capsule for M582 / MV692
2x DPA 4061
2x Milab VM44
2x Sennheiser MKH40
2x Neumann KM84
2x AKG C460 Jim Williams mod
2x AKG CK60 capsule
2x Soyuz 013
Beyerdynamic M88 N
Oktava MD-186
AKG D222
AKG D202
AKG D110
AKG D3500
Stedman N90
Yamaha Subkick
Audio Technica ATM25
Audio Technica ATM250
Shure SM57
Sennheiser MD21
Sennheiser MD436
Little Blondie

Beyerdynamic MC740N(C) - sold
Schoeps CMC6 - sold
Schoeps MK4 capsule - sold
Shure SM7B - sold

Microphone Preamplifiers

2 ch Acousence
4 ch Pueblo Audio
1 ch Siemens V78 tube
2 ch Pendulum Quartet tube
2 ch D. W. Fearn VT-2 tube
2 ch A Designs MP-2 tube
2 ch Forssell SMP-2
2 ch LaChapell 583S tube
1 ch LaChapell 500DT dual topology tube / solid state
1 ch Avedis MA5
2 ch HUM Audio RP-2
4 ch Neve Portico
2 ch Rens Heijnis
4 ch Sonosax
1 ch Wunder Audio PEQ1R
1 ch Weight Tank WT-72 tube
28 ch ADT 5MT
24 ch Metric Halo ULN-8
8 ch ZAG

2 ch Forssell SMP-2 - sold
2 ch Mercury M72s tube - sold
1 ch API 512c - sold


Control Room A:
ATC SCM100A / Holfi Pre8
Acustik-Lab Bolero Grande / Pass Labs X-250
Audio Data Partout II / McIntosh 2100
Audio Physic Virgo 3 / Denon amplifier
Auratone Cubes / Harman Kardon amplifier

Behringer Powerplay P16 Headphones distribution system with 4 satellites
Headphones from Beyerdynamic, AKG and Audio Technica

Converters - 66 channels of A/D and D/A

2 ch artistic fidelity by Acousence arfi-adda191 reference A/D and D/A converter
56 ch Euphonix MA703 MADI to Analog
56 ch Euphonix AM713 Analog to MADI
Euphonix FC727 Format Converter
Euphonix SH612 Studio Hub / MADI Router
2x RME MADIface
24 ch Metric Halo ULN-8
8 ch Kurzweil KSP8
8 ch SM-Pro ADAT A/D

Outboard Compressors, Limiters & EQs

2 ch Crane Song STC-8 Compressor
2 ch Pendulum Quartet Tube Compressor
2 ch Tube Tech CL2A Tube Compressor
2 ch Charter Oak SCL-1
2 ch ADT ToolMod TM132
2 ch HUM Audio LAAL Look Ahead Analog Limiter
2 ch ADL 1500 Tube Compressor
2 ch Buzz Audio SOC 1.1 Compressor
2 ch dbx 160SL
2 ch Summit Audio DCL-200
2 ch Elysia Xpressor
2 ch Joemeek SC2
4 ch NTP 179-250B Limiters
8 ch T.C. Electronic System 6000 Mastering License
28 ch ADT 5MT EQs
5 ch ADT 5MT Compressors
2 ch Klark Teknik DN500
4 ch Klark Teknik DN504
1 ch Klark Teknik KT-76
1 ch dbx 160A Compressor
2 ch Drawmer 221 Compressor

Outboard FX

Sony DRE-S777
Quantec Yardstick
Quantec QRS/XL
Lexicon 480L
Lexicon PCM 70
T.C. Electronic System 6000
Kurzweil KSP8
Yamaha SPX2000
Yamaha SPX900
Roland R-880
Roland SRV-330
Klark Teknik DN780
Zoom 9200
Yamaha ProR3
2x Behringer V-Verb
Sony DPS-R7
Dynacord DRP15
Ensoniq DP/4
Ibanez SDR 1000+ (= Sony MU-R201)
Ibanez SDR 1000
Dynacord VRS-23
AKG BX-15 Spring Reverb
Tapco Spring Reverb
Great British Spring Reverb

Lexicon Model 200 - sold
Lexicon PCM 60 - sold
AKG BX-20 Spring Reverb - sold
Bricasti M7 - sold


MacPro with Reaper, Harrison MixBus and Logic Pro
PC with Reaper
Mac G5 PPC for older projects
Thousands of Plugins
UAD-2 Quad
Metric Halo ULN-8 80-bit Mixer and Summing Device


Ludwig from 1967

Amplifiers & Cabinets

Vox AC30 Top Boost tube Guitar Amp from 1971
Mesa Boogie Lonestar tube Guitar Amp
Roland Jazz Chorus 160 Guitar Amp
Roland GA-120 Guitar Amp
Rath Amp 103 hybrid Guitar Amp
Vox Night Train tube Guitar Amp
Randall Commander 1 Guitar and Bass Amp
Laney Linebacker 65 Guitar Amp
Yamaha RA-50 Guitar and Organ Amp / Leslie
Yamaha RA-70 Guitar and Organ Amp / Leslie
Solton Guitar and Organ Amp / Leslie
Leslie 122, 147, 251 etc. on request
Farfisa tube Guitar and Organ Amp / Leslie
Randall 4x12"
2x Wersi G80 2x12"
Bugera 2x12"

Electric Guitars

Fender Stratocaster Eric Clapton Signature
G & L F-100 Electric Guitar

Electric Basses

Fender Jazz Bass
Another Fender Jazz Bass

Acoustic Guitars

Various Acoustic Guitars (Martin Custom Shop, Goodall, Lowden, McIlroy, Lakewood, Martin)


Yamaha C3 Grand Piano (186 cm)
Hammond A-100 legendary Tube Tonewheel Organ (= B3 / C3 plus Amp, Speakers and Reverb - "The best B-3's are A-100's")
Wurlitzer 300A electric piano (very rare and top sounding)
Fender Rhodes
Hohner Electra Piano
Hohner Pianet N
Kurzweil K2000 Digital Synth
Solina String Ensemble Version II
Eminent Solina Grand Concert 2000 (greatly expanded version of the organ Jean-Michel Jarre recorded his compositions on in the Seventies; includes Solina String Ensemble)
GEM Model P Combo Organ (= VOX Jaguar)
GEM Challenger
Philips Philicorda Organ
Hohner String Performer String Machine
Elka Rhapsody String Machine
Crumar Organizer 2 Combo Organ - sold
Crumar Organizer T1 Combo Organ - sold
Yamaha YC-45D Combo Organ
Crumar DP-80 Electric Piano and Synth
Crumar Multiman String Machine and Synth - sold
Baldwin EP-100 Electric Piano
Baldwin Fun Machine String Machine / Organ / Synth
Viscount E-Piano 72 - sold
Viscount Super Intercontinental Combo Organ, String Machine and Synth
Viscount Imperial Intercontinental Combo Organ
Hammond Aurora
Johannus Sweelinck Church Organ
Farfisa VIP 255 Organ
Casio 405 Analog Synth
5 different Harmonia / Pump Organs
4 Hohner Electric Pump Organs
Hohner D6 Clavinet / Pianet Duo - on request
Korg MS-20 Analog Synth - on request

Div. Stomp Boxes - Schulte Phase A, TC Chorus, Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress, Tremonti Wah, etc.

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